Report Studio

Report Studio is an enterprise level Crystal Report viewer that runs from desktop computers.  

Windows Authentication

Report Studio uses Windows Authentication.  No need to create separate user accounts!

Easy Report Access Security

Report Studio utilizes NTFS Access Control List (ACL) to control report access security.  With NTFS ACL, it's easy for IT staff to make changes to the report access security settings without having to involve developers.

Connect to any Database

Report Studio uses ODBC to access database.  You can configure Report Studio to connect to any number of databases.

Verbose Report Description

If you have a large number of reports, users are often confused what the output looks like and what its functions are.  You can write verbose report description in HTML (or MHT) to provide additional information about your reports.

Wide Range of Reports

JP Dynamics provides a vast number of reports.  Such as

  • On Time Performance report
  • Productivity reports (both scheduled and actual)
  • Trip Count report (scheduled, actual, cancellation, subscription/demand, and etc.)
  • Reports that assist in data reconciliation
  • Billing reports

All agencies treat numbers differently - please contact us for more information.


Report Description Report Description
Often times, there are simply too many reports for users to remember which reports are what. To make things easier, Report Studio comes with “Report Description” section which reports writers can save verbose documentation in .mht file format (can be edited in MS Word). In order for Report Studio to pick up the description files, just name the .mht file the same as the .rpt file.
Docking Panels Docking Panels
Report Studio consists of 'Report Explorer', 'Properties', and report panels. These panels use Visual Studio style tabbed/docking management.
Side by Side Side by Side
To view 2 reports side by side, click on the report tab and drag it to the right to dock it side by side.
Side by Side Side by Side
Here is an example of two reports docked side by side.