Monitor 2012 is a simple dashboard product based on Crystal Reports.  It refreshes Crystal Report data every X minutes (user configurable).

Connect to any database

Monitor 2012 uses ODBC to access database.  You can configure it to connect to any number of databases.

Possibilities are endless

Since Monitor 2012 can connect to any database, you can write custom reports to monitor...

  • Trapeze PASS data
  • MDT vendor data (Mentor, GreyHawk, and etc.)
  • Health of various databases (Tablespaces, Sessions, Locks, and etc.)
  • and many more

Simple to Use

When you are designing your Crystal Reports, please make sure...

  • ODBC DSN is defined in "Data Sources (ODBC)"
  • The same DSN is defined in jpMonitor's configuration file along with credentials
  • Remove all Crystal Reports parameters


Monitor 2012 is the most affordable product offered from JP Dynamics.  Please contact us for pricing.


Report List Report List
Put your crystal reports in a folder and Monitor 2012 will generate a list for you to choose from. The refresh interval value can be changed within its configuration file.
Sample Report - Late Trip Sample Report - Late Trip
Create your own crystal reports and make them work for you.
Full Screen Mode Full Screen Mode
You can run Monitor 2012 in 'Full Screen Mode' which hides all controls. To exit, right click on the report and select 'Toggle Full Screen'.
Running Mutiple Monitors Running Mutiple Monitors
You are free to run as many monitors as you want. You can stack them or put them side by side. It's your choice.