Case Scenarios

Paratransit service provider with service contractor provided reporting tools...

  • Q: Are you forced to use your service contractor's reporting tools, because you do not have your own reporting tools?
  • Q: Do you sometimes question their numbers and statistics?
  • Q: Do you wonder what will happen to the statistics if you were to change the service contractor?
  • Q: Do you want to be in charge of your own Business Intelligence?
Paratransit service provider without reporting tools...

  • Q: Are Trapeze reporting solutions too expensive?
  • Q: Do you lack the resources to create your own reporting tools?
  • Q: Is it too expensive to hire qualified personnel to create internal reporting tools?

If you answered yes, then we have the right software solution for you.

What We offer

JP Dynamics (JPD) offers Business Intelligence (BI) tools designed for your Paratransit industry in mind.  JPD's expertise in Trapeze PASS systems and operations, allows us to create customized dashboards, analysis, and reporting tools that are catered to your business needs.

JPD offers a wide range of proven software and business know-how that allows you to become successful.  Based on your organization's size and needs, we can recommend the best set of tools and solutions to guide you in the right direction.